Bunny Goes Hop!

Who doesn’t like bunnies?! They are so cute! So, why not make one?

I found a great free pattern for a really easy bunny to sew! Everything is clear and easy to follow. The only thing I changed is the ears. I sewed them right sides together and then turned them out instead of zig zaging the right sides like it says.

Here is my version…



And here are three different ways to make pom poms.





Now go get hopping! 🙂

Keep It Simple

In most of the cases, the simplest things are the best answers in the end, don’t you think so?

Same thing is for refashions (at least with my limited skills hehe :)).

Today is a Sunday. Today is a sunny Sunday. Which in my case means only one thing – Hrelić! =))

It is a great flea market which is only on Wednesdays and Sundays and you can find anything! Literally anything! Everything is on the ground scattered and you have to search is you want to find anything. There is a section with new things, but that is not so much fun for me. I bought a Burda and some skirts (each less then a dollar) and my mom got some backpacks and a sink. See! Anything! Hahaha, I love it! 😀

Immediately after I got home I got to work because it were small refashions.

The first one.


I meant to hem it from the bottom, but then I saw two holes and I had to do it from the top part. I made two casing, pulled through two thin elastics and done.

The second one.

I had some trouble deciding what to do with this one. These were some kind of big shorts and my first instinct was to just simply unpick the legs, sew it to a skirt and hem it. But then I got the idea of a waterfall skirt. Something like this (pic is not a finish product, it is just pinned around).


I liked it, but wasn’t quite sure about it. Something was bothering me. The fabric is some mid-weight cotton and in the end I wasn’t sure how it would look when I hem it. Would it be nice and flowy as a waterfall skirt should be? And I didn’t want to mess it up because the pattern on the fabric is what drew me to it. It is so fun! 🙂

So, of course, the first idea is usually the right one (and the simplest one) and I had to go with it! Here it is…


Pants weren’t really nice, were they? :/ The T-shirt is also thrifted (less then a dollar). It is a nice simple T-shirt with lace panels in the sleeves (sorry, didn’t take pictures of it).

Anyway, can’t wait to wear them! ^^

Hope you’re having a nice Sunday!

Enjoy everyone!

Bye! =)

Pleats Problems


Two days and two broken needles later, it’s finished! How can something so simple give me so much trouble?! Aaarg! :/


I got this skirt while thrifting some time ago. It was this, some leopard moo moo like dress and a scarf for I think a dollar or 1.80 $. 

I liked the pleats instantly! But when I put it on it was weird. It was baggy at the hips and made them look wider (and mine are wide enough ;)).



I read the tutorials on how to make waist elastic skirt and it seemed easy enough. Boy, was I wrong! It is very different to sew with gathered fabric and with pleats! Much more frustrating!

I wanted the pleats to be nice and flat but while sewing I just couldn’t make it happen! 😦
As you can see in the picture down some look good, but while I was getting to the end of elastic I had to spread them.


I still don’t know what I should have done? 😦
I did learn it’s very important to stretch the elastic from both sides. There’s that at least.

But I’ve put too much effort in it not to wear it! 😀

I think it will look good with a simple T-shirt for work and in my free time I’ll definitely pair it with the cropped top above! Really like how it looks!

If anyone could give me some tips please on what to do next time, how to work with pleats I would be sooo grateful!

Bye for now! 🙂

Scrap Fabric What To Do? pt. 1

When you’re sewing you always have left over scrap fabric.
And I’m such a hamster! I don’t want to throw away anyting! So the scraps just keep on growing and growing… What do to with it?

I decided to start doing little projects where I use scrap fabric only.

The first thing I chose to do was this mobile cozy.



What I like about it is that I can put away the head phones so the wires don’t get tangled (don’t you just hate when that happens?) and I always know where they are.

This is only a prototype so to say. Next one will ne much nicer.

I used thin felt and elastic. You only need to measure your mobile so you know the size and sew the sides.
Add some decorations from scraps or buttons if you’d like or just leave it as it is. The whole thing is done in 5 min!

Now go ahead, make your own and share! 🙂

Project Undecided

I went thrift shopping yesterday. I saw this great hat two days ago, but didn’t have the time to go in. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it. Just as I walked in the store, some lady was trying it on. *sad* 😦

However, I did see this waaaay too big dress and immediately thought it would make a great party dress.


I really love the details on the fabric.


Initially I had this idea of a pencil dress above the knees with 3/4 sleeves. Something like the red dress down. Then I saw this neon dress and loved it! Now I’m not sure what to do?


All I know is that I don’t want to mess it up. Since I am still a beginner, I am feeling a bit subconscious about my sewing skills. I would like to wear the dress when I’m done with it!

So I’m looking for some nice patterns along the lines od the pictures above, but if you’ve got any other suggestions I would love to hear them!

What would you do with this dress?

Wall denim organizer

I saw a lot of pictures on Pinterest of denim wall organizers made out of old jeans’ pockets and I always wanted to make some. I’m telling you, having a new sewing machine really means a lot! I want to sew all the time! 🙂 So I got around to doing it. Here is how it turned out.



I like it. It is really handy. I put it behind my chair so I can have my sewing things close and other things I need.

What do you think? 🙂

Happy Christmas! A free dress pattern!

I didn’t sew for a long time so my hands were starting to itch. I just bought a new sewing machine a couple of days ago so I’m feeling pumped! =D It is Pfaff 1080s which is a great upgrade after an old Bagat Ruža.
I had to do something and since I’m on a break, I decided to finish a project I started a long time age – Sonja dress.

It is a really wonderful dress and it is free! Happy Christmas to me! =)
Depending on the fabric and your imagination I think a lot can be done with it.

I did it in some cheap dark blue cotton (I knew I was going to mess up so I didn’t want to spend too much money) and added a grey strip at the bottom because it was too short for my taste.


Dress isn’t that difficult to make and I encourage novice sewers to give it a go! I’m a novice and I really learned A LOT! And I mean a lot!
I probably spent half the time on the internet looking for tutorials on how to do what. I’m going to link them here if anyone decides to try this, so you don’t waste as much as time as I did.

I, of course, had to complicate it a bit and decided to do a fully lined dress which I never did before. This tutorial from The Slapdash Sewist helped a lot!

I also never inserted an invisible zipper. It wasn’t that bad. Don’t fear the zippers! And since I like to complicate things, I decided to do a clean machine finish. Here is a tutorial from Jennifer from The Musings of a Dedicated Housefiancee. This is something that definitely takes practice!

Now, as for how it turned out.
There definitely are some problems with it. For instance, it is too tight on me! I cut out a size 38, but now it is more of a 36! Somehow during the sewing it got smaller so now I have to put it on over my head! :S
I also don’t know how to fix the problem of excess fabric/gaping above the bust.
And my invisible zipper isn’t that much invisible! It is when I’m not wearing the dress. It actually looks pretty good. I lined up the waist line and you can’t see it (I just need to work on finishing it). But when I put it on, since it is too  tight, the fabric stretches and the zipper shows. I don’t mind it that much because it is all in the blue tones, but if I wanted to do a visible zipper I would have (there are actually some great project with exposed zippers)! Grrr!

Nevertheless, I like it despite all of the flaws! It is my first real, big, solo project! I am not only proud that it is kind of wearable, but that I managed to finish it! haha
I will wear it once or twice, but I’ll give it away then because it really is so tight on me. I am sad about that! 😦

I will definitely do more of these dresses! I think they are fun and can be worn at any season and they have this old school vibe which I love! My next one will hopefully be better because I will keep all of the thing I’ve learned in mind! =)

If you have any questions about the process just ask away!

I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas and to hear again soon!

Kisses! X 🙂