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Sorry, I haven’t been around for a while. I am preparing for some tests and flying and travelling in the mean time sooo super busy.

I am planning some posts pretty soon, also my minimalist living for April.

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Skinny-Fat Person?

Is that a thing? Skinny-fat person? Because I TOOOTALLY recognize myself in this article!



I am pretty tall for a girl and people have always said to me: Oh, you’re not fat, everything is well spread! You can’t tell anything!

And that’s the problem with us skinny-fat people! Nobody believes us we are ”fat”! Everything is fine, nothing needs to be changes, but I am talking about being healthy!

Now, I am a very realistic and objective person. I can take a step back and without judgement say how it is. A trade of a teacher, ey?! πŸ™‚

I know I am not fat, but all I am saying is I could lose a few kg and tone up. That’s all.

And when I say lose a few kg, i don’t mean go on a crazy diet. I am not a supporter of that! 😦

I mean get back to exercising and eating healthy. It’s all about the food in the end! πŸ™‚ Healthy choices!

I just started Kayla Itsines BBG. I can tell it’s a big community. I really like the before and after pics and I’m hoping I’ll look like that after 3 months, but the way I’m going… IDK! XD

I came across the article above and I can’t lie. It’s me! XD

From eating totally healthy to having a ”cheat meal” at 3AM, from M clothing not always being a good choice for me to the ‘‘I just ate, but I’m still hungry!”. Which is basically my life motto! -.-

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Do you recognize yourself in it like I do? What are more of the challenges you encounter as a skinny-fat person?

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OOTD Bastakiya Boho Chic

Today I am sharing with you a simple Boho Chic OOTD from last month when I had a lovely, relaxing day at Bastakiya,Β and a little DIY at the end of the post.

Bastakiya is an old part of Dubai and a perfect tourist place.

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What you can notice since I started doing capsule wardrobe experiment, is that I am basically wearing the same thing as usually.

A black T-shirt and blue Primark skinny jeans. BUT, I turned a scarf into a vest and it got a whole other vibe with the accessories – a hat and a fringe bag. Perfect match!

2016-04-07 16.09.46





Now let me show you how to tie a scarf. Of course, found it on Pinterest.


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A Day in Zurich

Hi everyone!
I’m writing to you from my nice and comfty hotel bed. I am sooo tired, but thought I’d just share some pics from today.

Landed in the afternoon and just went out for a walk and dinner. Thought it was gonna be colder, but it was just fresh let’s say.

It was a beautiful day! People were out and about, tourists taking tours (gotta do that next time!), drinking coffee in cafes next to the river… You can feel spring coming! ^^

The main shopping street Bahnhof Straße is not that much interesting, but if you go to the little streets on the side you’ll see they have much more charm and cute little shops.








And for the last picture, let’s not forget about the foodies! πŸ˜‰ We found this little place, which was actually empty, but we were so hungry we didn’t care. Inside was an old grandpa that was serving us. We spoke to him in English, he answered back in German. All the time! So cute! Explaining the whole menu in German like we understand! XD But it didn’t matter! We understood each other perfectly! And we made the right choice! Home made food and wine! What more can you ask for?!


Anyone been to Zurich? How did you like it? Next time when it’s warmer, I want to rent a bike and do a boat tour! πŸ˜€

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