Minimalist Living – June

Wow! It’s already been half a year since my little experiment started!

And I must say, I didn’t even feel it pass at all! And I didn’t miss anything!





Again I’m sticking to my well know.
Favourite skinny jeans and black T-shirt with some extra shirts. I am also proud of myself bacause I wore this romper and a dress which I wanted to do.
I think I had this romper in my closet for a looong time and never wore it. Didn’t have a chance so I’m happy I did! 🙂

Next month goal – also wear dresses! XD

Since it’s been half a year now, I will do a post on what I’ve learned now so stay tuned!

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What do you think of this experiment? Are you doing anything similar?

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OOTD Dinner Date

So happy I’m going for a nice dinner date I decided to wear a dress! hihihi x)

I was looking to buy something subtle, but not black (have enough of those). Finally, I found this lovely brownish Primark shirt-dress. It was just what I was looking for! 🙂

I felt like being in neutral coloures so I paired it with a lovely beige bag which has an interesting texture and zippers and these great wedges. I swear they are the most comfortable (!) shoes ever! I can be in them all day and not feel a thing! I have wide feet so usually all of the straps are tight for me, but these stretch and are great!

If there are more ladies with a similar problem, please leave a comment if you know of any shoe brands that work for you! Thanks a bunch! 🙂


Dress – Primark
Bag – Primark
Necklace – Primark
Shoes – Marie Clarie

20151009_122317 20151009_122332

20151009_121751  20151009_121811

20151009_121424 20151009_121444 20151009_121510

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OOTD One Dress Two Ways

Let’s go a bit fancy today.

As soon as I saw this Zara dress I fell in love with it. The colour to be more precise. It is this wonderful florescent yellow coulour which instantly gives the romantic lace a different feel. Plus, it has open back which I think is very sexy to wear.



I paired it green Primark heels and a bag which I would usually never wear, but I saw it in my roommate’s closet and thought it would give it a nice feel. The dress came with this skinny belt and I wore a simple coral bracelet.





Next, is a more ”wild” look. I just turned the dress around and it instantly became a low cut. I put a leopard skinny belt, gold bracelet, necklace with a red pendant and, of course, my new favourite Primark shoes. Definitely something  more noticeable and for a night out!




IMG_20150203_173452 IMG_20150203_173600


What is your favourite version? Which one would you wear?

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Project Undecided

I went thrift shopping yesterday. I saw this great hat two days ago, but didn’t have the time to go in. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it. Just as I walked in the store, some lady was trying it on. *sad* 😦

However, I did see this waaaay too big dress and immediately thought it would make a great party dress.


I really love the details on the fabric.


Initially I had this idea of a pencil dress above the knees with 3/4 sleeves. Something like the red dress down. Then I saw this neon dress and loved it! Now I’m not sure what to do?


All I know is that I don’t want to mess it up. Since I am still a beginner, I am feeling a bit subconscious about my sewing skills. I would like to wear the dress when I’m done with it!

So I’m looking for some nice patterns along the lines od the pictures above, but if you’ve got any other suggestions I would love to hear them!

What would you do with this dress?