OOTD Denim on Denim

Sun is out and shining, perfect time for shorts! Yaaay!

I went for a classic denim on denim look! 




I paired dark denim shorts with a lighter denim shirt that has some interesting flowers details on it which brings an interesting element to it.
That is why  I didn’t choose to wear any accessories. I didn’t feel it necessary and felt the outfit itself is enough.
And of course, my Startas canvas shoes are a must! Aren’t they great?! ;D

What do you think? Would you choose any accessories with it?

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OOTD Summer Shorts

Don’t you just love shorts?!

They are so versatile! You can wear them to the beach, for a walk through the town, to a club, dress them up or down – anyway you like it!

This is how I wore them today
(even though I could do lots more so people would think I have nothing else to wear but the shorts lol X)).

Can you see anything from this pic?



Blazer and wedges: New Look
T shirt and accessories: Primark
Shorts: no name and such a good find for so little, I am so proud and would almost say they were thrifted x)

IMG_20150406_170001 IMG_20150406_170624

IMG_20150406_170043IMG_20150406_170443    IMG_20150406_171310


I just love the colour of the wedges, and I went with this T-shirt because it has a little bit print on it so it’s classic, but interesting at the same time.

What is your favourite way of styling shorts?

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Denim scrap necklace

Continuing with my love of working with denim scraps since I have a lot of that now after the wall organizer.

An easy and short project.

Just make a template of a circle (mine was 4 cm in width) and cut out circles out of the denim. Once you’ve got them, fold them in half twice and glue with hot glue gun. You’ll have lots of petals now. Glue them to a circle felt so you get a flower and then glue the flowers onto the final piece of felt which is in the shape you wish the necklace to be. And finally, sew/glue a chain/a piece of satin ribbon so you can tie it.

And voila, you have a beautiful necklace!


You can also make it a broche, a hair clip or something else. Whatever you want! 

Hope the instructions were clear. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate! 🙂


Wall denim organizer

I saw a lot of pictures on Pinterest of denim wall organizers made out of old jeans’ pockets and I always wanted to make some. I’m telling you, having a new sewing machine really means a lot! I want to sew all the time! 🙂 So I got around to doing it. Here is how it turned out.



I like it. It is really handy. I put it behind my chair so I can have my sewing things close and other things I need.

What do you think? 🙂

Ponoćno šivanje

Mislila sam staviti novi post tek kasnije kada ću imati vremena napraviti neki malo bolji i opširniji tutorijal, ali nakon što sam prošlu noć šivala do jedan ujutro, rekoh Zašto ne? Sretna sam kako je ispalo i htjela bih to podijeliti s nekime.
(ako itko čita ovaj blog?! HalllOOooo? Ima li koga?! Anyone? Just one?? Ili sam sama? :/ lol :))

Uglavnom, to whom it may concern!
Napravila sam cluth torbicu u kombinaciji starih traperica i materijala kojeg sam našla doma.


Na žalost, još uvijek slikam mobitelom tako da slike nisu najbolje, ali nadam se da ću idući vikend stići u neki brzi shopping po novi fotić (pa ću sigurno i češće postati). Jeeej!

U donjem desnom kutu sam zapravo podstavu preokrenula van kako bih mogla uslikati džep koji je skroz pri dnu torbice i nisam znala kako bih ga drugačije uslikala.

Torbica nije preteška za napraviti, a meni se čini zgodnom i nadam se da će svidjeti i prijateljicama koje će ih dobiti za poklon. 🙂