Sleepless in Seattle

Hi everyone! How are you?

It’s pretty early where I am right now and I can’t sleep so I thought I’d do something new! I will show you a little bit of my travels and thing you can do in the cities I’ve visited in only 24 hours! =D

First city, lovely Seattle!

I was pretty lucky with the weather as it wasn’t raining when I was there. There wasn’t any sun, but it wasn’t raining either. So that’s good. 🙂

I didn’t get an impression Seattle was that big of a city and that’s what I love about it. Everything I’ve done was walking distance. At least for my touristic needs.

1. Pike Place Market

We started off the day by visiting the Pike Place Market. Great place for fresh food shopping, but also local DIY-ers. You can find beautiful fresh flowers, fruits, veggies and seafood. You have gotta try the seafood when you’re there! Go down to the peer and try any of the local restaurants for some fresh seafood. Yum!

And oh, any coffee lovers out there? In case you didn’t know, the first Starbucks is there! However, the line is always long. I would recommend getting your coffee a little bit up. There is a Starbucks that still uses the old logo. Then just go down to the first one and take your picture. Your friends will never know! 😉

20150901_123125 20150901_130051  20150901_123413 20150901_123328 20150901_12335620150901_125409

2. Gum Wall

You will come to a little fish stand and in front of it will be a golden pig. Why? I don’t know. But it’s cool. The whole city is actually full with street art and there is always something quirky to see and discover.
Next to the pig are stairs that lead to the Gum Wall. It is how it sounds. It started off in the 90s and you can leave your mark today. Just stick a chewing gum on the wall. I must say, it smells nice, but is is also kind of disgusting at the same time! After all, those are all chewing gums stuck on a wall. Do not touch! hhh

20150901_13190620150901_131640  IMG_20150901_214531

Cool thing to see!

3. Guided Tours

If you are a bit of a geek like me, you will enjoy some tours. They are around 20-30 dollars. Not too much. I took the Underground tour and the Duck tour.

The Underground Tour takes you (you guessed it) underground! Yaay! It is very interesting as the city has a story to tell. If you follow me on instagram then you must have seen this pic.


Those are skylight around the city. There is a whole secret undergound world of Seattle I bet you didn’t even know you were walking on! Check it out!

4. Space Needle

Next on the list to cross off – the Space Needle! A must see. It was a half an hour walk from the Pioneer Square where The Underground Tour was. Take a walk! You’ll see nice architecture and street art on the way!


However, we didn’t have the time to go up as we took the Duck tour that is across the road. It was awesome! Our guide, Captain Bjorn was the funniest person ever putting on different music while he was driving us around, wearing silly hats, animating us all the time while talking about the city at the same time. If you have kids, they will love this! You also go into Lake Union as it is an amphibious vehicle.
Any Heath Ledger fans out there? Did you know the movie 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed in Seattle? I love that movie! ❤ You can see where the paintball scene was filmed from the lake.

And that was pretty much my day. On the way back we stopped at the shopping area and went back to the hotel to rest our tired legs.

OOTD wise, I like keeping it simple on my travels. No heels, rarely any skirt or dresses.
I wore this really comfy, warm, over sized red H&M sweater, Primark dark blue skinny jeans, black pashmina, black New Yorker leather jacket and black H&M fringe bag.


I hope this wasn’t too long and that you found it helpful and interesting. I tried to keep it simple and to the point.
There are many more things I want to do next time I’m there like the EMP museum.

Have you been to Seattle? What did you do?
If you are a local reading this, what else would you recommend to a tourist?

And oh, please riddle me this! How come it is illegal to smoke cigarettes outside, but you can smoke weed? *confused* :S

Leave a comment! =)

OOTD Print Romper

First of all, if anyone is still following this blog – I am sorry!

Again I have neglected it. It’s been 4 months since my last post! I’m so ashamed! 😦 I was so busy I just didn’t have the strength, but now that I started writing I see that, of course, it’s not such a big problem.

Anyways, I’ve been around – Ibiza, Dallas, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town, Perth and so on… Beautiful cities.

But this one is an OOTD.


You may remember this romper from before (post here), but I styled it in a different way.

This outfit I wore to a party and I felt great! 🙂

20150830_182048 20150830_182427 20150830_182103 20150830_181741 20150830_18201920150830_181812

I paired it with my lovely blue zebra Startas shoes (c’mon! How much do you love them?! ;)) and a blue leopard print scarf which I tied around my head. It is I believe a small detail, but it makes a big difference. Imagine how it would look without it? For me, it brings it to life a little bit more.
From accessories I wore big silver hoop earrings and a DIY braclet.

Hope you like it!

Which outfit do you like more – the first one or the second one? Or just tie the scarf with the first one? hhh

wpid-photogrid_1408009647260.jpg vs. 20150830_182048

How would you wear it?

Leave a comment, ask something, whatever! =)

Write soon! I promise! 😉

DIY Zipper Love

I love zippers! They are so versatile!

There are a lot of refashions where adding only an exposed zipper changes the whole look and gives it a new and a bit edgier look.
Today I will show you some inspiration and accessories you can make using this ordinary item.

This is a pic of a simple flower you can use for almost anything – brooch, ring, bracelet, you can put it on a headband, necklace – anywhere!


Follow this tutorial to make the zipper rose (out of the whole zipper) and here is another way where you first cut it up into smaller pieces.

Here is another version. I do it by sewing a loose thread first, pulling it gently and then making a circle, sewing it together as I go, but you can just take your glue gun and start making a desired shape. Guess it’s much quicker.

Prsten Iva

But my favourite ring is this (tutorial)! 🙂

Prsten Zipper Spiral

And the bracelet I absolutely adore wearing. I didn’t use any tutorial, I just looked at the pictures and followed the lines.

I found this you tube tutorial only later.

Zipper infinity

Now that you’ve seen what I’ve done here is a little collage full of inspiration of what else you could do. If you click on the second collage it will lead you to tutorials to all of the 12 bracelets. 🙂


tut zip

I really hope some of you will take the time and create your own little art from the zippers! If you do, let me know! 😉

Have a great day and don’t forget – I’m also on Bloglovin’ now! =)

DIY 3 in 1 Spiked Hair Elastic

5 minutes work! Tops! 🙂

What you need:

  • a hair elastic
  • jump rings
  • spikes (I used about 25 of them, but you’ll see what works for you)


What I like about this is that I can wear it as a hair elastic, I can put it around the bun to give it an edgier look and I can wear it as a bracelet.

3 in 1! 😉

Groznica subotnje večeri

Konačno naspavana i poletna (pogotovo s četverodnevnim odmorom) danas sam se osjećala posebno radišnom i željnom kreativnog stvaranja tako da će danas biti 3 DIY uratka. 🙂

1. Kako sam si nedavno kupila traper jaknu (Njuškalo je super stvar! Amadeus traper jakna, praktički nova – 20kn) htjela sam neki ukras za nju. Zamislila sam si kombinaciju ljetne šarene haljinice, traper jakne i velikog cvijeta na jakni. Rezultat:


Dakle napravila sam cvijet kao broš, ali može se nositi na više načina. Može se staviti na gumicu za kosu, na neku špangicu ili traku za kosu i tako maksimalno iskoristiti.

2. Obožavam patentne zatvarače i svašta raditi iz njih. Danas sam se odlučila na narukvicu.


3. Idući je DIY koji mi je duže bio na mislima i danas sam se konačno prihvatila posla. Naušnice od šarenog konca i s perlicama.


Moguće ih je napraviti u raznim oblicima (srce, krug, kvadrat…), raznim bojama, a špagica se može vezati u raznim smjerovima i tako tvoriti različite, zanimljive motive.


Danas sam inače uživala radeći ništa. Tko ne voli takve dane?! Cijeli dan rezerviran samo za odmor i crafts. Nešto sam i šivala i izrađivala nakit, ima još puno toga za pokazati. Također sam opet bila po Second Handovima i naišla na dobre stvari, a sutra se spremam (konačno) na Hrelić. Jeeej! 😀

Kako vi provodite svoj produženi vikend?

Sail me to the summer…

Ovo me vrijeme već deprimira. Volim zimu. Stvarno nemam ništa protiv hladnoće, ali što se mene tiče (a mislim i mnogih drugih): SUuuuuuNcEeeeee! Vrijeme kada mi ne treba i kapa i šal i rukavice i jedna majica, druga majica, treća majica… već je dovoljno nabaciti jaknicu i spreman si za van.

To je vjerojatno jedan od razloga zašto mi je prvi post ova narukvica sa sidrom.
Kada vidimo sidro, mislim da nam je svima jedna od prvih asocijacija more, plavetnilo, ljeto, sunce, uživancija (već sada se osjećam opuštenije :)).
Koliko sam primjetila, sidra su bila jako veliki hit prošlo ljeto među DIY zajednicom vani. Moglo ih se naći na majicama, torbama, narukvicama, lančićima… Ovo je samo mali primjer toga što su DIY-eri radili. Ima još jako puno raznih ideja, ali neka i ovo posluži za inspiraciju.

Ovo mi je jedan od prijašnjih DIY uradaka. Sve što je potrebno je privjesak, tanka špaga i osnove macrame-a (što me podsjeća, trebam potražiti knjigu na tu temu).


Sigurno ću ih napraviti još, u drugim bojama i s različitim privjescima. Mogućnosti su razne.

Za prvi post mislim da je dosta. Nadam se da će barem netko probati napraviti jednu svoju narukvicu! =)