Diy Statement Necklaces

As promised from yesterdays post “DIY is ON”, today I’m showing you some of my latest hand made necklaces.

You saw this one.


And it is my FAVOURITE! 😀

It took a lot of time, but it doesn’t matter. It was inspired by Africa. As was the next one.




What do yot guys think?
I would LOVE to hear your opinion?
Which one is your favourite?

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Talk soon!
Be well! =)


Going for a drink with a friends and wanted to share with you my new necklace while I wait for the bus.

DIY of course 😉


So this is just a sneak peak because I made some more and I want to share them with you tomorrow.


I really hope you guys like it! ♡
It took me quite some time and patience for this one.

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And keep tuned because tomorrow I’ll show you the rest.
Be well! =)

OOTD Crashing A Party

I just came back from outside so I though I’d post a quick OOTD before I cange into my PJs and a quick and easy DIY with it. It’s 4AM here.
What begun as just a coffee with a friend, turned out for me crashing someones birthday party.
For some reason I decided to wear wedges and good thing I did because all the girls were dressed up.


With my favourite blue skinny jeans, I wore a simple black and white striped shirt (both Primark), but what I think makes it stand out is the black tie.

Which is actually a good and simple DIY idea. Just take and long fabric strip and turn it into a tie! Extra points for a pop of colour! 😉

Something like this! Very unique!


In combination with cute wedges in turquoise (New Look) and a big, redish clutch makes it all playful, fun and a bit different! =)







What do you think?
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OOTD Bastakiya Boho Chic

Today I am sharing with you a simple Boho Chic OOTD from last month when I had a lovely, relaxing day at Bastakiya, and a little DIY at the end of the post.

Bastakiya is an old part of Dubai and a perfect tourist place.

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What you can notice since I started doing capsule wardrobe experiment, is that I am basically wearing the same thing as usually.

A black T-shirt and blue Primark skinny jeans. BUT, I turned a scarf into a vest and it got a whole other vibe with the accessories – a hat and a fringe bag. Perfect match!

2016-04-07 16.09.46





Now let me show you how to tie a scarf. Of course, found it on Pinterest.


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Be well everyone! =)

Mooncup – Review

I can finally do a Mooncup review since I used it! Yaaay! 🙂


I’ll tell you right away what I think – AMAZING!

I can’t believe it took me so long to find out about this, I wish I knew of it earlier!
So if you’re interested in my experience keep on reading! 🙂

The first day, let me tell you, I was sooo excited to use it. It was a bit intimidating at first, but I was well prepared. I read all the articles, watched all the you tube videos, reviews, anything I could get my hands on. And everything I’ve read was true!

Let me break it down so it’s easier to read.

1. You don’t feel it
It is actually weird how you don’t even feel it once it’s in you! I never liked tampons because they were always uncomfortable for me. I could always feel them and with a cup, nothing. Literally nothing! You can move, jump, squat, exercise, swim – everything! It works like a vacuum inside, so if you do it right there won’t be any leakage. I just used a panty liner, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t need it.

2. You don’t actually lose that much blood
Your perception about how much blood you lose is NOT RIGHT! For sure, you think it’s more than it is. With the cup you’ll see exactly how little it is. There are markers on it and it is cool to see that.

3. Clean and hygenic feeling
I also never realized how much I felt icky (truly the right word when you’re on your period)! If you’re using pads, you know what I’m talking about. That feeling of blood going down. So uncomfortable! With the cup, the blood is collected inside of you.
Also, there is no fear of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) like with tampons.

4. Eco friendly
The cup is reusable. As I understand, you can use it even for up to 10 years and more! How great is that?! It also means you’re not only saving the earth with less waste, you’re saving money!

5. Convenient
It is small. You can just put it inside your purse and carry it everywhere with you (it comes with a pouch). You don’t need to worry about borrowing a pad or a tampon or trying to find an open store to buy it since it’s reusable. And if you’re forgetful or changing your purses a lot, just get a couple of them, x)

All in all, I would give this product a 10/10!
This was the first time I was on a period and it didn’t feel like that! It felt like any other no-period-day. I felt clean and free. ^^
Mind now, this is my experience. It doesn’t mean it will be the same for you, but I do encourage you to TRY IT! Maybe you’ll need to cut the stem off like a lot of women do or just find another manufacturer, size or try a different fold. I would say, just stick with it, you’ll get there!

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please fell free! No holding backs, no taboos, I’ll try  to answer honestly.

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Be well! =)

Decorating on a Budget

Classic story. Feel tired, go to bed, brain starts working overload, can’t sleep. I know I’m not the only one, right?!
Thinking about my living room. Me and my room mates don’t actually use it, but if it looked nicer, maybe we would.
Take a look.


Not particularly inviting, I know. And you can see my Christmas tree! Hahahahaha x’D
Blank canvas. The thing is, our company owns the apartment so we can’t make any drastic changes. We have to leave the place like we found it, otherwise they charge us. And we don’t wanna invest a lot of money because we all know this is just temporary for us.

What to do then??? :s

Go to Pinterest! Hhh Yaaaay!
Anyone who’s been following me knows I love DIYing and naturally I already have a board just for that.
I have a couple of ideas what I could do, I just have to plan it carefully so I don’t end up with a bunch of stuff that don’t go well together.
I won’t say yet what my plans are, but they are in progress!

So if you guys want to see how to decorate your living room with little to no budget – stay tuned!
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And, of course, suggestions are welcomed!
Inspiration is everywhere! 😉
Be well!

For My Ladies – Mooncup

First things first – if you’re a guy, you probably won’t be interested in this. But you could learn something new! 😉 Fair warming.
I got my Mooncup today!


I didn’t try it yet, but actually can’t wait to do so!



I found out about it by accident when I was reading blogs here on WordPress about minimalist living. I thought Wow, how come I didn’t hear about it earlier?! Everyone knows about pads and tampons, but when I talked to my friends not one of them heard about the menstrual cup! :/

Although it’s apparently been around since 1930s, it sounds new and revolutionary to me!

Why I decided to try it?

  • Eco friendly – it is reusable and it can last you for years
  • Money saver – since it lasts for years you don’t need to buy new one each month
  • Simplicity – it is just one thing, reusable and more hygienic

Once I started googling and you tubing it, I realized there is a whole community of ladies out there who use it and talk about it! I found out so many useful information.

Here is a link of a lovely young lady who does videos about alternative hygienic products like cups and reusable pads. I love her! So young, no taboos, she talks freely and with no inhibitions. I learned so much from her! Her channel is called Precious Star Pads.

After researching about it I found out they actually sell it in my home country so a friend got it for me. It was around 32$.

Are any of you using it? What are your experiences with it! Leave a comment!

If you want to see how it goes for me, I will be writing about it again once I’ve used it, so press follow and stay tuned! =)