Minimalist Living – July

I know. July is not over yet, but I’m working tomorrow which means I’ll be wearing my uniform.

This month I wore a bit more clothes. One of the reasons, my favourite dark blue skinny jeans ripped and I had to throw them away. *sad* 😦

So I decided to put off buying them as long as I can. This ended in me going through my closet and discovering new/old things again. X) And wearing different jeans and not the same pair over and over again.

I did wear some dresses which I’m proud of and definitely more jeans.

But I have to make a confession. I’ve been shopping! :/

I couldn’t resist. I have a trip coming up! Going to Lisbon! Yaaay! Very excited! 😀

So I got a few things. All on sale though. Still… I’ll show you what I’ve bought in my next post.

How often do you fall off the wagon and go shopping? Or you don’t?

Please make me feel better! 😦 Leave a comment!

Be well everyone! =)

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4 thoughts on “Minimalist Living – July

  1. I actually did okay over the last ten days while we were on vacation. I know, what can be hard about buying while on vacation? Being back in the US, I really thought I’d be much worse, but I had already purchased a few things (okay more than a few) and had them sent to my parents to pick up while we were there. I did buy a basic top to replace one that had gotten a hole in it, a book I had on pre-order here in London that had been out in the US for over a year, and two skin care items from a brand that isn’t sold in the UK that I had run out of.

    I’m going with that being okay in the grand scheme of shopping!

    • Haha yes i agree. You didn’t buy clothes like I did, but actually things that needed to be replaced. So you’re good! Congrats! 🙂
      I only bought 5 items. All on sale. And some I’ve been looking for a while so I excused those, but others were just fun. Oh well… better luck next time I guess… but when i’ll be cleaning my closet… things will have to go! X)

  2. Nice choices of clothes. I general shop something every month. But haven’t gone to a shopping spree for soo long. Broke girl probs 😁😄

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