My First Thoughts on a Minimalist Closet

Six months have passed since I’ve started my little experiment.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about let me explain.

I am really intrigued with the idea of minimalist living and minimalist closet, but the thought of doing it now is a bit scary. That’s why I customized the idea to fit me.

I didn’t get rid of anything (yet), but I am simply keeping track of the outfits I wear and at the end of each month I do a post on what I wore.

You can take a look at all the months here:

As far as my dressing goes, I can definitely see a pattern and if I get rid of 90% of my wardrobe I can say I wouldn’t miss it.


1.  You get to know yourself better

Once you start doing this for a while, you will get to know your style better.
You will see what you reach for and not and what you are missing in your closet. You will realize how many items you don’t really wear.

2. I don’t shop as much

Whenever I go to a mall and see something, I think twice now. I think back to this experiment, realize that I either have something similar in my closet already or I honestly say to myself that yes, it is nice, but I know deep down I wouldn’t really wear it.
Like I said, you get to know your styling needs better and thus you make better choices!


3. It is not that scary!

After half a year now I can honestly say the thought of getting rid of my clothes does not scare me that much anymore!
I have a pretty good picture of what I do and do not wear and what my lifestyle needs are. This helped me in a little wardrobe cleansing I already did.

In conclusion, I am really happy how my first six moths have passed! =)

I got to know myself better, I feel more free of the shopping frenzy and when I am getting dressed to go out I FEEL MORE CALM AND CONFIDENT.

What do you think? 
Are you doing anything similar? If yes, what are your experiences? Do you agree with my thoughts?

I will be doing a post on how I cleaned out my closet.

So if you’re having trouble with it and are not sure how to approach it I will be sharing my experiences and how I tackled this problem. Stay tuned! 😉

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Be well everyone! =)


4 thoughts on “My First Thoughts on a Minimalist Closet

  1. Yes! 🙂 I’ve been doing The Project 333 for 3 years now (that’s a lot of 3s!), and I feel the same way – I feel more calm, I shop less, I wear what I own. It’s been a real plus to my life, and I can’t imagine going back to the way I was before.

    I think, from memory, when I first decluttered my wardrobe, I got rid of about 200 items. And I didn’t think I had a lot of stuff! Yikes!

    I look forward to see how you get on! 🙂

    • It really sneaks up on you, doesn’t it? Hhh
      Encouraging thoughts, thanks! I look foward doing it for real once I settle down somewhere. for now, I am really happy how this is going.

  2. It is hard to find a style amongst all the clutter we have in our closets. At least it is for me. I discovered yesterday that since I rarely wear shorts, I didn’t realize the pairs I do have don’t fit me anymore until I tried them on for our upcoming beach vacation. I don’t really want to run out and buy shorts (and they are hard to find even though it’s only July 5th!). But I do know that I have two beach holidays coming up in the next few months, so a couple pairs of shorts would be a smart idea.

    One thing I do to help me is to turn my hangers backwards. If after a certain period of time (like 3 months etc) if the hanger is still backward then it means I truly don’t wear that item and it’s time to let it go. I go through period where I do really well, and others where I don’t do well at all. I’ve been bad with online shopping recently knowing that we will be in the US soon, and I can get things cheaper, and have more ethically made choices than I do in London. I need a 12 step program for online shopping!

    Best of luck as you continue on your journey. I’ll be following along!

    • Yeah, it is hard to resist to all temptation. There should be a support group with sponsors hhh I try to avoid malls at all costs. the hanger principle is good. Maybe try something like rewarding yourself if you don’t buy anything? Like taking a trip or going to theatre. I’d much rather spend my money like that now.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂 will also be following how you’re doing!

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