Minimalist Living – May

The summer is coming! Yaaay! =D
I decided to start wearing more of my wardrobe, especially dresses. I have so may, but wear none. Which is a shame because I really do like them.

This is what I wore in May.




Still sticking with my favourite skinny jeans, but I did wear 2 more this month plus a skirt. I really like this one just because of the print! ^^

I also wore 2 sweaters, 2 shirts and a t shirt along with a white blazer and a black leather jacket.

I must say I really did like some of my outfits this month! Now I feel bad I didn’t take pics of those OOTDs. 😦

What do you think, what did I combine? How would you style this clothes?

Are you keeping track of your clothing choices? How is that working out for you? I would really like to know!

Leave a comment!

Be well everyone!

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Kisses! Xoxo =)

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