Wish List Hair Tie Bracelet

I’ve been to Miracle Gardens in Dubai and they’ve done this great thing where they added a place for butterflies (post on that a bit later – it is amazing)! Omg!!! *.* So perfect!
I have so many selfies, it’s not healthy! X)

But, I noticed my hair ties look tacky on my arm. I always have them because I can’t stand having my hair down for too long, but it’s not so nice to see them especially if you’re dressed up a little bit.

And then I saw this! *.*



How classy does that look?! 😀

Original idea came from Maria Shireen and it was actually designed by her husband as a present for her! How thoughtful! And he solved problems of million women around the world at the same time! 😀
Prices go from 45-85$.

I also found an Etsy seller called The Bangle Bear and you can find a set of 3 bracelets for 30$! Great price! And you can even find stainless steel ones!
Here is what they look like:


What do you think?
Anyone has one? What are you impressions?
I’m going to get one! 😀
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Be well! 🙂

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