Decorating on a Budget

Classic story. Feel tired, go to bed, brain starts working overload, can’t sleep. I know I’m not the only one, right?!
Thinking about my living room. Me and my room mates don’t actually use it, but if it looked nicer, maybe we would.
Take a look.


Not particularly inviting, I know. And you can see my Christmas tree! Hahahahaha x’D
Blank canvas. The thing is, our company owns the apartment so we can’t make any drastic changes. We have to leave the place like we found it, otherwise they charge us. And we don’t wanna invest a lot of money because we all know this is just temporary for us.

What to do then??? :s

Go to Pinterest! Hhh Yaaaay!
Anyone who’s been following me knows I love DIYing and naturally I already have a board just for that.
I have a couple of ideas what I could do, I just have to plan it carefully so I don’t end up with a bunch of stuff that don’t go well together.
I won’t say yet what my plans are, but they are in progress!

So if you guys want to see how to decorate your living room with little to no budget – stay tuned!
Like and follow!
And, of course, suggestions are welcomed!
Inspiration is everywhere! 😉
Be well!


2 thoughts on “Decorating on a Budget

  1. You’re got a good blank canvas. I’m interested to see how you’ll bring your pinterest inspiration to life (and I LOVE before & afters!).

    You may be able to gain some better ‘feng shui’ if you rearrange the layout. Unless there’s a TV on the entertainment unit along the wall, I’d suggest you move it out of the way and put a sofa along that wall instead. So when you’re sitting down you’re not facing a wall. A rug to give the room some colour and dimension, then some art on the walls to add some character and to ‘fill in’ the room more. You’ve got a fantastic big window letting lovely light in so this has the potential to be a great ‘chill-out’ room.

    And of course eBay (if it’s practical for where you live) is a great source for amazing and cheap pieces – if you’re willing to hunt and stalk ;). I’ve basically furnished my entire apartment on eBay. In most cases I’ve just slapped on a new coat of paint to refresh it and tie it into the decor of the rest of the home and voila…DIY on a budget. I’m sure you’ve got some great ideas as well, so I’ll check back in to see how you go. Good luck :)!

    • Thank you for your ideas and suggestions. Yeah, TV should go there, but I have to talk to my room mates if we’re gonna get one. Anyways, it is a blank canvas for sure 🙂

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