For My Ladies – Mooncup

First things first – if you’re a guy, you probably won’t be interested in this. But you could learn something new! 😉 Fair warming.
I got my Mooncup today!


I didn’t try it yet, but actually can’t wait to do so!



I found out about it by accident when I was reading blogs here on WordPress about minimalist living. I thought Wow, how come I didn’t hear about it earlier?! Everyone knows about pads and tampons, but when I talked to my friends not one of them heard about the menstrual cup! :/

Although it’s apparently been around since 1930s, it sounds new and revolutionary to me!

Why I decided to try it?

  • Eco friendly – it is reusable and it can last you for years
  • Money saver – since it lasts for years you don’t need to buy new one each month
  • Simplicity – it is just one thing, reusable and more hygienic

Once I started googling and you tubing it, I realized there is a whole community of ladies out there who use it and talk about it! I found out so many useful information.

Here is a link of a lovely young lady who does videos about alternative hygienic products like cups and reusable pads. I love her! So young, no taboos, she talks freely and with no inhibitions. I learned so much from her! Her channel is called Precious Star Pads.

After researching about it I found out they actually sell it in my home country so a friend got it for me. It was around 32$.

Are any of you using it? What are your experiences with it! Leave a comment!

If you want to see how it goes for me, I will be writing about it again once I’ve used it, so press follow and stay tuned! =)

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