OOTD Boyfriend Sweater

I went to Dublin, but I forgot to pack a sweater. Luckily, I bought my boyfriend one and packed it so I wore his.
It was unexpected, but turned out really well! The sweater is so comfy I wish I bought one for myself! Then we could do the couple look with the same thing! X’D
I combined it with leggings, brown booties and a colourful necklace to break the monotony of black and grey and make it more fun. I think any statement necklace would work with this or anything else that would add a touch of femininity. I also wore a grey beanie.






What do you think? Do you like wearing boyfriend clothes?
How would you style it? Leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “OOTD Boyfriend Sweater

  1. Yes, in high school I used to steal my older brothers clothes and wear them to school. I honestly got more complements on his clothes than I did on mine lol. But the length and size of the sweater works well as a tunic. I love it!

    • Totaly true! Even when I would buy at men’s department,I would get so many compliments! No shame! Hhh x)
      Would love to see your styling! 🙂

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