Fast Fashion

I just finished watching this GREAT, EYE OPENING documentary called THE TRUE COST and I immediately felt an urge to post about it.

It was released in 2015 (so I’m not that late with it) and explores the impact of fast fashion on today’s world – people who are involved in it, the workers, the exploitation, impact on environment and so on.

It is something I am sure we all know deep down and are aware of, but are deliberately ignoring it. Because if we do… we would have to accept the fact we are a part of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying stop buying clothes. Of course I buy them too. Honestly, I wouldn’t even know where to buy consciously produced clothes. I am sure there are a few, but further research is needed.

What I am saying is BE AWARE. Keep in mind what it took to produce your 5$ T-shirt.
Do you really need it? Do you need 3 black T-shirts? Do you need something you are not sure about? Is it just an instant high?
Is it necessary for a person to die or lose their legs in order to make it? Is it necessary the price is so low, that if you buy 2 of them, you just spent their monthly salary?

It is said by the psychologists that in modern society, more stuff we have, more we are alone and depressed. Can’t buy happiness. Is it an instant high shopping?
Like I was saying in my previous posts, I realized shopping doesn’t bring me as much joy as it used to when I was a kid. Is it the same for you?

Fashion is a great way to express yourself, no doubt about it. It is nice to fit in, ok. So you buy trendy, modern clothes. BUT, there is a difference between being in trend and having style!

If you have style, you don’t need to be trendy from season to season. If you have style, you are your own person. You know what you like and you have no problems with it and yourself.

All of this is also a reason why a capsule, minimalist wardrobe has been occupying my head lately. That is why I am doing my little experiment of tracking all my outfits to see what I do and do not wear. If you want to see how it goes, please follow.

When I go shopping now I ask myself 2 important questions first.

  1. Do I love it? – If I have even a little bit of hesitation about a garment, it’s not right! Don’t fool yourself! You know what you like and want, so why compromise? If the fit is not right, if it’s too long or short, if I feel weird in it, if the shade of the colour is wrong, if there is one small detail that’s on it and I didn’t imagine it like that – DON’T BUY! You know what you like, stick to it! Have patience, you’ll find it!
  2. Do I really need it? – Am I actually going to wear it or is it just cute at the moment and I won’t do anything with it when I get home (it happened). Is it the instant high? Maybe your friend is with you and you’re getting caught up in the moment? STOP AND THINK!

The first question by itself helped me a lot already.

Also, one of my goals is to try to shop for new things as little as possible. If I buy anything, I want to keep it to 12 items per year, that is 1 item per month.
But, before you buy something know your closet. I went through mine and I know what it lacks and also what I don’t need in it anymore. That’s way I won’t buy something just because.

So please, stop and think before you buy. Watch this documentary and become aware. I guess that is the point of my little rant here – become aware!

Here are two links to watch it on line.

What are your thoughts on fast fashion? Comment below!



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