Minimalist Living

So these thoughts of a capsule wardrobe have been going around in my head for a while now. I did some research, I know what it’s about, I just have to do it. But it’s scary!

I do feel kind of overwhelmed by the amount of things that I have, but don’t actually use. Not just overwhelmed, but I feel silly. Silly they are just sitting there collecting dust. And in the end, it is also a waste of money. Consumerism. Nothing more.

I guess as you get older, you start realizing some things. You realize you don’t need so many things in your life.
When I was a teenager, I was careful when I go out I would wear something new and special. My shirts for going out were not and could not be the same as the ones I wore every day. Now I just put on a plain white T-shirt when I go out and I’m happy with it (which you will see in my next OOTD post – read here :)). But I guess that’s how it goes. When you’re younger it is all new and exciting and you enjoy shopping more.

To get back to the capsule wardrobe. So, I said it’s scary. Let me explain why it is scary for me.

It is all about needs. As you get older, you change. Your needs change. Your lifestyle is not the same as before. Your style changes.
At the moment, I live in a place of eternal summer opposed to my home country where we have all 4 seasons. I do a job where I wear a uniform. Naturally, I don’t need as many clothes – no winter stuff and since I don’t have to worry about what to wear to work (which I actually love! :)), my clothing needs are smaller.

I am in my life now where I have a job which I know is a temporary thing. It would be easy to downsize. But, since I know this is temporary, I know I will need my clothes later on. I don’t wanna buy new again because I do like them. That is my struggle.

Capsule wardrobe maybe isn’t the thing for me right now, but I decided to do a little experiment. I will leave everything as it is, but every time I take something out to wear, I will put it on the side. At the end of the month I will be able to see what clothes I actually wore and it will give me a sense of my capsule wardrobe.

Here are a few pictures of my wardrobe so you can see what’s it all about.


What do you think about all of this? Any of you out there doing the capsule wardrobe – how is ti going for you?

Please like and comment! I am really interested in hearing a first hand experience!

And follow if you wanna see how this little experiment turned out!

Be well! =)


One thought on “Minimalist Living

  1. […] This one is connected to the post I did a couple of days ago about Minimalist Living. In short, instead of doing the capsule wardrobe, I am just going to keep track of what I wore through January (and other months) and I’ll get a better sense of what my capsule wardrobe will be like. You can read the post here. […]

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