OOTD Summer Shorts

Don’t you just love shorts?!

They are so versatile! You can wear them to the beach, for a walk through the town, to a club, dress them up or down – anyway you like it!

This is how I wore them today
(even though I could do lots more so people would think I have nothing else to wear but the shorts lol X)).

Can you see anything from this pic?



Blazer and wedges: New Look
T shirt and accessories: Primark
Shorts: no name and such a good find for so little, I am so proud and would almost say they were thrifted x)

IMG_20150406_170001 IMG_20150406_170624

IMG_20150406_170043IMG_20150406_170443    IMG_20150406_171310


I just love the colour of the wedges, and I went with this T-shirt because it has a little bit print on it so it’s classic, but interesting at the same time.

What is your favourite way of styling shorts?

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What is the city?…


Take two on playing the guessing game on which city it is! I got some nice likes on the last one, but no one dared to guess where I’ve been 😦

So put on your thinking hats and let the guessing begin! =D

Been on another lovely trip. It was nice even though everything was closed because of Easter holidays. Still, only the walk through the city was filled with culture.

Take a look! 🙂







Now, let’s try again! Take a guess and leave a comment which city you think that is!

Let’s Play A Game…


I will be very busy this month, not at home at all pratically and won’t have so much time to post, so I thought we could play a game!

I’ll post some pics and you guess which city I was in! 😀

City No. 1:

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City No.2:




Soooo…. What are the cities?

Leave a comment! =))

Enjoy life! 😉