OOTD Summer Boho

Hello guys!

How have you been?

Summer is coming here in Dubai, and I must say, I an NOT looking forward to it! I’ll be looking for every chance I can get to get out a bit.

And no more jeans. That’s why these palazzo pants are perfect! They are big, flowy, comfy and they have this boho vibe going on which I like.


And just look at the pattern!

I went simple as usual and paired it off whit a flowy, black top and black tasseled bag. I didn’t want any heels, so I just put on flats. Although, if I wear any heels, wedges would be perfect!

For accessories I just put on an arm band. Do you remember those from 90s? =D

If I didn’t have that, I would love to pair it off with something like this. I would just put on either a black cropped top or a tight black one.

masala croche vest

I am definitely keeping my eye out for these necklaces and a crochet vest.

Anyways back to my actual outfit.




What I wore:


Forever 21 Palazzo Pants – you can get theme here

Black top from New Yorker



H&M black tassel bag from here


Arm band from Forever21. Couldn’t find exact one, but check these out.

Do you like the boho style?

That’s it from me for today! =)

If you would like me to do any other OOTD, please leave me a comment!

Have a great one everyone! =D

They’re Here!

Just a quick hello from me since I’m a bit busy now and my friend came to visit.
Aaaand…. I’ve chosen my shoes! =D Unfortunately, they didn’t have the second pair, but never mind. I’ll get them! 😉
Just to show you my new ones. Can’t wait to start wearing them! ^^


Hopefully, in my next post I’ll pair them with some nice outfit! :))