OOTD One Dress Two Ways

Let’s go a bit fancy today.

As soon as I saw this Zara dress I fell in love with it. The colour to be more precise. It is this wonderful florescent yellow coulour which instantly gives the romantic lace a different feel. Plus, it has open back which I think is very sexy to wear.



I paired it green Primark heels and a bag which I would usually never wear, but I saw it in my roommate’s closet and thought it would give it a nice feel. The dress came with this skinny belt and I wore a simple coral bracelet.





Next, is a more ”wild” look. I just turned the dress around and it instantly became a low cut. I put a leopard skinny belt, gold bracelet, necklace with a red pendant and, of course, my new favourite Primark shoes. Definitely something  more noticeable and for a night out!




IMG_20150203_173452 IMG_20150203_173600


What is your favourite version? Which one would you wear?

Leave a comment! 🙂

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