OOTD Swim Collection

This weekend has been sooo nice! 🙂 Hope it was for you too!
This was the first free weekend before we start with new classes, so we didn’t have any homework and nothing to study! Yaaay! Can’t even describe my happiness! =D We really needed a break because the tempo this past two weeks has been crazy and our brains are overloaded with new information. So, it was nice not to do anything and just chill by the pool. =)

Since I’m living in Dubai now, and it’s always sunny and the crew loves to go to the pools to relax, I really need to update my swim wear!
I kind of stopped going to the sea side back home so I didn’t need to buy anything new and I didn’t in such a long time. I still wear bathing suits which I bought in high school and I even wear one which belonged to my mum when she was young! So you can imagine! Hahaha

I also went to my first mall here – Deira Mall. People told me it is one of the small ones, but believe me – it’s not! I don’t think I will ever understand why people build such huuuge buildings! It is not humanly possible to see it all of it in one day! And it’s “small”! I was literally there the WHOLE day and I think I saw only 1/3 of it. Now imagine how long it would take you to see, let’s say, Dubai Mall or Mall of Emirates! :/

Anyways, I saw two bathing suits which I immediately knew I need to have! Especially the one piece, you’ll soon see why! 😉

But first, my old ones.


These are my oldest ones. High school. And the blue one with black stars – that’s my moms. X)


These are my more recent ones. All H&M. I like combining the top with the blue bottoms. It’s just more cheerful, but I do like the details on the black bottoms.

Now, for the new ones!


I wore this one yesterday. I just love the happy colours and the pattern on them! It is a great combination of both! New favourite two piece! =)

But, the one piece! No words, in love with it!


So many different colours, so many different patterns, but it all works for me somehow! Eveytime I see it, it immediately brings a smile to my face! 🙂
The back is opened with straps, and the strap in front can be taken off. Can’t wait to wear it! 🙂

What do you think? Do you like it or is it too much?
And how is your collection? Do you usually buy a new one every season or were you like me and didn’t care about that too much?

Have a great day eveyone! 😉

OOTD Pinterest Inspiration

Hi everyone!
Haven’t been around for a while, I know! 😦 Lots has happened.
I moved to Dubai to become a cabin crew with Emirates! And I haven’t had internet for almost a month! Couldn’t talk to my family or friends! 😦 But it’s OK now. They installed it yesterday and I talked with everyone. 🙂
So far so good. Everyone’s nice. There just isn’t enough time for anything! If you’re planning to come here to training college, be prepared! Lots and lots od studying and not enough sleep! It really is crazy!  But it will also be worth it! 🙂
So before I go back to studying now I’ll just post an OOTD.

I always liked tribal/aztec print and when I saw this pic on Pinterest, I originally pinned it on my To Sew board because it doesn’t seem hard to do. However, it is hard to find those kind of fabric back home. So when I saw it in a store I knew it was mine! 😀

Pinterest inspiration


My find


Pretty close, right? 😉
Enjoy your day! =)