New Adventure Called…

Hi everyone!

I’ve got some big news. There will be some changes in my life. In 17 days I will be moving to..


Dubai!!! 🙂

I don’t think I even realize what I’m doing yet!
I really like my life now as it is. I’ve been very fortunate to work in a good school with really good people. Also, I have lots of interests and hobbies I’m doing right now. It will be very hard to leave all of that. Not to mention my family and friends.

But I’ve read somewhere, ”If it’s both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it.”. So, I’m trying not to think about the scary part and I’m just jumping in!

I will be working as a cabin crew for Fly Emirates!

So, the blog will change quite a bit. I won’t have my sewing machine with me, I’m not sure how much time I will have for crafts and, of course, I won’t be teaching.
I will, however, be switching to writing about my life and experiences in Dubai and my travels. 🙂

If you have and advice, I am happy to hear it!
Stay great! =)

Second Hand Treasures

I’m doing a post on my second hand finds today.
Second hand shops haven’t been so popular in Croatia. They’ve only started appearing in a last year – year and a half and are becoming more and more popular. Yay! I don’t know about you, but I love second hand shops and flea markets! I don’t even need to buy anything, I just like looking around discovering hidden treasures. You know what they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So true!

So, I’ll post a couple of pictures with some of my treasures. 🙂
Please excuse poor pictures and lightning. I am still learning this stuff.

As you will see, there are a lot of pleated skirts. Couldn’t get enough of them. All of this stuff was bought either in second hand shops or flea markets.

Hope you like it! =)


This floral skirt was actually some weird lenght (mid calf) so I shortened it and it is now one of my favourites! Plus, it has pockets! I love it when skirts or dresses have pockets. It was only 35 cents.


I was looking for this kind of a skirt in stores, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, I found it in a flea market for 80 cents. The black shirt is from a SHS also for 80 cents. ”J. Crew” bubble bib necklace is from E-bay (under 2$).


This skirt is so comfortable to wear. It is some smooth, light, flowy material which is great for summer. I usually wear it like this, but sometimes also on the hips, so it’s a bit longer then. Got it for 35 cents.


I haven’t worn this skirt yet. Don’t know why. :/ I’m actually not sure if it fits me well. Got it at the flea market for 35 cents. T shirt wasn’t much either. It is a New Look T shirt, on sale for 4.40$ and the belt is Terranova for 1.70$.


Golden skirt for 35 cents. I shortened it and haven’t worn it because I think I’ve gone over board and it’s a bit too short now. I’ll probably give it away.


I feel so girly when I wear this skirt. 🙂 I love the pleats and the flowers and the lenght. Perfect! It was 80 cents and the jeans vest was 1.70$. The yellow necklace is Accessorize (1.70$) and the black tank is Primark (under 2.50$).


I’ve already posted this one, but why not again. I like it! 🙂
Skirt: 80 cents, Shirt: 80 cents, Necklace: under 2$, Bracelets: 1.70$, Flats: 14$


This is my teacher dress. Can’t wait to wear it to work! It is Zara for 7$. Belt E bay for 1$.

And for the end, some lovely bags.


That’s it for now.
How are the second hands in your country? Do you shop in them?
I was in London this summer and I was so sad I didn’t have time to go to some SHS. I don’t even know of any good ones. Have to look it up for next time or better, if you guys could share if someone’s from London?

Also, I’m curious. What do you consider a good find?

Well, I hope you like my little growing collection of second hand treasures. What’s your favourite one? How would you style it?

I would love to hear comments and styling suggestions from fellow thrifters! 🙂

OOTD Teacher’s Dinner New Wedges

The school year ended so all the teachers from my school gathered and we had dinner. It was really fun and nice to se everyone dressed up instead of the work clothes we usually wear (comfty jeans and a tee).

I got these great wedges for a wedding I’ve reacently been to. I wore them with a dark blue, lace dress with an open back.
I wanted to do a more relaxed look with them so I wore them to the dinner. They have 13 cm, but are really comfortable to wear and you could dance in them all night!



I wore them with orange skinny jeans and a grey top. I don’t know if you can see, but they also have an open back. I find that really attractive. Even more than a short skirt. Like if you agree! 😉
Anyway, I found these earrings on sale and had to have them. I don’t usually wear earrings like that, but I feel really fancy with them. 🙂
I had orange lipstick and I put my hair up in a ballerina bun and that’s it! I think it’s really summer like and fun and I felt good wearing it!

Hope you like it! 🙂

Also, I discovered this new love for wedges and I started buying only them! Haha
How do you style your wedges? I would like to see… 🙂