Scrap Fabric pt. 2

Back to the scraps.

A good way to use your scraps is to make pincushions!

There are so many adorable inspirations out there that I wanna make all just so I can look at them! *love*


You can make classic square ones, insert some colourful panels in, make a circle, pumpkin, pear, a mouse…! Just about anything! Put them in an embroidery hoop, a cup or on top of a jar and keep buttons or something else in it!

Don’t forget to stuff  it with scraps of course! Cut it up into smaller pieces and fill it in.

I also found this pic of a pincushion for the machine and had to immediately make one! It is very handy to have it right by.


If you don’t want it on your machine make one long one and keep it around.Image


And here is a collage of mobile sleeves about which my first post was about.


The big picture of the green one was my inspiration, but I also really like the little bear! ^^ And the idea of using an old tie for it.

How do you use your scrap fabric?

Leave a comment! 🙂


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