Running OOTD

Again with the two posts in one day. While I was walking to school I saw some new Startas canvas shoes about which I wanted to write in my OOTD post, but it somehow grew to be a post on it’s own. They are that great! haha You can read about them here. 🙂

Anyways, this time it’s no WOWO post, but an OOTD.

Since it’s Friday and ”last” day of school I didn’t want to dress up and I reeeealy wanted to wear my running shoes to work. Challenge accepted! 😉


I paired them with dark blue skinny jeans (Primark), this vibrant yellow T-shirt with a pink butterfly (New Yorker), a hot pink blazer (E Bay) and yellow hoop earrings.

Think it looks quite relaxed, yet work appropriate.

Do you wear sneakers to work?

I learned the importance of good shoes only last summer while I was in London with my friends. After walking all day in flat shoes, my back and legs really hurt. It was awful! However, after I bought these Nike running shoes it was like walking on air! Now, I absolutely adore them! I can’t believe it took me that long to realize such an important thing! People, take care of your feet! No joke!

Have a lovely day everyone!

Stay good! =)


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