Scrap Fabric pt. 5

I hope you made your fabric flowers because I’ve found sooo many wonderful inspirations out there!

First thing I thought of were necklaces. Especially since I already made the denim necklace at the bottom.


And you have to have a bracelet to go with it…


… and a ring.


I also found these really great flower belts. I like the idea of them with a wedding dress. It looks so dainty and it really brings that little something extra to the dress, don’t you agree?


A wonderful gift, especially for little girls is a headband.


You can embellish your old T-shirt.


Some other ideas is to make a key chain, put them on a pillowcase, a hair clip or a hair elastic, string them up on a cord and make a party decoration, make a bouquet… When I saw some of the wedding bouquets it made me question is a real flower bouquet really necessary? They look that elegant!



What I usually do is just make them into a brooch. That way I can get the most out of it and put it anywhere I like. I accessorize my bag with it, wear it in my hair, on a T-shirt… Basically, just put it anywhere I like!

For the end here is a tut on making these lovely flower decorations.


What do you think? Did I leave anything out?! 🙂

Scarp Fabric pt. 4

Today, it’s all about flowers.

First 4 pics lead you to tutorials if you click on them and others are self explanatory.

So let’s get started!














So many choices! 🙂

In the next part we’ll talk about what to do with all the flowers you’ve made!

Till tomorrow! 🙂

Scrap Fabric pt. 3

I hope you remember when I wrote about my wish list Croatian Startas, because today I’m writing about another Cro product – Jolie Petite!

They make little girls and boys applique T/shirts, dresses, scarfs and other clothing, and each item is hand made which is rare today.


If the lady on the pictures is familiar to you it is because it is a famous fashion model Ljupka Gojić (maybe you also remember her from the 90s Pantene Pro-V commercials, she was their model).

Her mum started the company and it grew to be a family business. 

Image  Image 


The reason I’m writing about this is because it is also a great scrap fabric project – appliques!

Jolie Petite isn’t anything new on the market and crafters have been doing applique for a long time, but hey… They made a brand out of it!

You just need to figure out what you want to do.


Put it on your T-shirts, dresses, scarfs… Onesies are really adorable! Spice up your totes and bags, pillow cases or put it on a canvas for a wall decor.

All of these are also great gifts! I know I would be happy if someone gave me something like this! 🙂

Spring is here and summer is close. Why not make this bag ? Click on the pic for the tut.



For the end here is a great tutorial from Sew Like My Mom on applique (link on pic).


Also visit her other tuts.

Applique Tutorial

Applique Tutorial: Curves


What do you think?

Would you buy Petite Jolie or make one yourself?


And in case you missed my first two parts of Scrap Fabric What To Do, here they are Part 1 and Part 2.

Happy Sunday! 🙂

Scrap Fabric pt. 2

Back to the scraps.

A good way to use your scraps is to make pincushions!

There are so many adorable inspirations out there that I wanna make all just so I can look at them! *love*


You can make classic square ones, insert some colourful panels in, make a circle, pumpkin, pear, a mouse…! Just about anything! Put them in an embroidery hoop, a cup or on top of a jar and keep buttons or something else in it!

Don’t forget to stuff  it with scraps of course! Cut it up into smaller pieces and fill it in.

I also found this pic of a pincushion for the machine and had to immediately make one! It is very handy to have it right by.


If you don’t want it on your machine make one long one and keep it around.Image


And here is a collage of mobile sleeves about which my first post was about.


The big picture of the green one was my inspiration, but I also really like the little bear! ^^ And the idea of using an old tie for it.

How do you use your scrap fabric?

Leave a comment! 🙂

Running OOTD

Again with the two posts in one day. While I was walking to school I saw some new Startas canvas shoes about which I wanted to write in my OOTD post, but it somehow grew to be a post on it’s own. They are that great! haha You can read about them here. 🙂

Anyways, this time it’s no WOWO post, but an OOTD.

Since it’s Friday and ”last” day of school I didn’t want to dress up and I reeeealy wanted to wear my running shoes to work. Challenge accepted! 😉


I paired them with dark blue skinny jeans (Primark), this vibrant yellow T-shirt with a pink butterfly (New Yorker), a hot pink blazer (E Bay) and yellow hoop earrings.

Think it looks quite relaxed, yet work appropriate.

Do you wear sneakers to work?

I learned the importance of good shoes only last summer while I was in London with my friends. After walking all day in flat shoes, my back and legs really hurt. It was awful! However, after I bought these Nike running shoes it was like walking on air! Now, I absolutely adore them! I can’t believe it took me that long to realize such an important thing! People, take care of your feet! No joke!

Have a lovely day everyone!

Stay good! =)

Spring! Let’s Start It Up!

Friiiidaaay! =))

There is a reason I’m extra happy today! It is Easter break for kids which means 8 days of no school! Lovely! 🙂 And just in time! I really do need a break from little voices going Teacher this, teacher that!

Since it’s such a nice and sunny day, I took a walk and window shopped a bit (that sound so weird, idk).

So I thought I would share a nice Croatian product today. 

These sneakers are called Startas made by Borovo.

Borovo started with the manufacturing in 1931. Their first Startas were made in 1976 and they mere ment as shoes for playing table tennis, but they grew to be their best selling item all the way to the 1991 (if you’re wondering why that year exactly, there was a war in my country, but that’s a whole other story).

They were really popular in 70s and 80s. They lost their popularity for a while, but they did a rebrand a couple of years ago, put out some new ones and they are back in the game! As they should be! It’s always good to support products form your country and they are not only comfortable, but also nice looking.

Basically, they are canvas shoes. Similar to Converse except they don’t have the rubber part in front.

Here are some pics.


These with the swallows are the ones that caught my eye today! Aren’t they nice? Just for the spring time! 🙂







You can find them in all sorts of colours and fun designs! You can get them with or without a bow.

There are, of course, ones in basic colours (white, black and dark blue). A lot of girls started buying white ones and decorating them themselves which is also fun.

Like this…




Then, there are also Borosane. The first ones were made in 1968 by a team of experts with dr. Branko Strinović, an orthopaedist. At that time, nobody really wore them except nurses. They have a really hard job and they are on their feet the whole day so they wore Borosane because they are really comfortable (after all, an orthopaedist designed them so they can’t be that bad for you, can they?).

They are also canvas shoes and they are cut out in the front for the toes and in the back where the heels is.

But, as I said, after the rebrand they gained in their popularity. I can’t say they are my favourite, but other girls like them.


The prices range from about 30-45$.


What do you think?

Do you like them?

Which ones would you choose? 🙂

Who stole the cookie?!

I can’t believe I didn’t try this earlier!

This is so simple and so great!


I tried it with 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade and they loved it! They could have played it the whole 45 minutes! I thought 3rd graders would be too ”old” for it, but they’re not. 4th graders probably are, haven’t tried it with them yet.

Here is a link to You tube (the most realistic I could find):

There are several versions.

Everybody: Who stole/took the cookie from the cookie jar? Ivan stole/took the cookie from the cookie jar!
Pupil: Who me?
E: Yes, you!
P: Not me!/ Couldn’t be!
E: Then who?

The pupil then nominates someone and so on.

I even sewn a little cookie which they love.

I think next time I’ll adopt it for when we learn food.

I’ll show a pic of a food we’re looking for (e.g. carrot) and the text would go: Who stole the carrot from the fridge? 
You just have to sing it so it would fit the rhythm, but it could work!

Anyway, a great game! 🙂