School Masquerade

I just got back home when I realized tomorrow is maškare. We also call it poklade or fašnik. In short, it is the period before Lent when everybody dresses up in masks. There are parties and parades. And lots of doughnuts! But not the kinds with the whole in it, no! This is a real doughnut to me!


It is really fun!

Tomorrow is the last day and we are having a masquerade in school for the children. Of course this is something they really enjoy (especially the little ones I teach) and they were asking me the whole day if I’m going to wear a costume. And the answer is, of course – YES!

I love dressing up! I love themed parties! So maškare is the perfect excuse to do so! 🙂

I didn’t really think I was going to. Since I’m the new guy at my school I don’t know how big of a deal this is there. I don’t want to be too elaborate with my costume, but I still want to wear one.

This is what I came up with with zero money to spend and zero time to make something for tomorrow!





I really don’t know which one to wear yet.

Mad Hatter I wanted to do since last year, but I want to do it big so that one is out.
And to be honest they probably won’t know who I am anyway. 😦 Especially Marry Poppins so I guess not that one. I’m not even sure if they’ll know Wednesday or Olive. Maybe Olive if I mention the name Popeye. Oh, so sad…

Anyway, it’s between Wednesday, Olive and Marry.

I would love to get your feedback so I can decide better.
What do you think?