Ok. So holidays are over and it is time to get back in shape! I don’t even what to know how much I’ve eaten *nom nom nom*, but a little exercise couldn’t hurt. Or could it?

I’ve decided to start Shaun T’s Insanity workout. It lasts for 60 days (an hour a day) and you get a day off in the week. I’ve heard good things about it.


What I like from the commercials is that they don’t say ”Oh, everyone can do it! It’s easy!”. No. They tell you the truth. It is hard, it isn’t for everyone and you are going to sweat a lot! At least you know where you stand so you can prepare mentally. But hey! No pain, no gain! Right? 😉

I’m excited about this and hope I will last the whole programme.
I will be putting weekly posts starting from tomorrow about my progress and later on perhaps some before/after pictures (will see how it goes).

If anyone of you have done it already, please leave a comment with any advice or if you would like to start exercising with me from tomorrow that would be great!

Let’s get in shape together! 🙂



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