Happy Christmas! A free dress pattern!

I didn’t sew for a long time so my hands were starting to itch. I just bought a new sewing machine a couple of days ago so I’m feeling pumped! =D It is Pfaff 1080s which is a great upgrade after an old Bagat Ruža.
I had to do something and since I’m on a break, I decided to finish a project I started a long time age – Sonja dress.

It is a really wonderful dress and it is free! Happy Christmas to me! =)
Depending on the fabric and your imagination I think a lot can be done with it.

I did it in some cheap dark blue cotton (I knew I was going to mess up so I didn’t want to spend too much money) and added a grey strip at the bottom because it was too short for my taste.


Dress isn’t that difficult to make and I encourage novice sewers to give it a go! I’m a novice and I really learned A LOT! And I mean a lot!
I probably spent half the time on the internet looking for tutorials on how to do what. I’m going to link them here if anyone decides to try this, so you don’t waste as much as time as I did.

I, of course, had to complicate it a bit and decided to do a fully lined dress which I never did before. This tutorial from The Slapdash Sewist helped a lot!

I also never inserted an invisible zipper. It wasn’t that bad. Don’t fear the zippers! And since I like to complicate things, I decided to do a clean machine finish. Here is a tutorial from Jennifer from The Musings of a Dedicated Housefiancee. This is something that definitely takes practice!

Now, as for how it turned out.
There definitely are some problems with it. For instance, it is too tight on me! I cut out a size 38, but now it is more of a 36! Somehow during the sewing it got smaller so now I have to put it on over my head! :S
I also don’t know how to fix the problem of excess fabric/gaping above the bust.
And my invisible zipper isn’t that much invisible! It is when I’m not wearing the dress. It actually looks pretty good. I lined up the waist line and you can’t see it (I just need to work on finishing it). But when I put it on, since it is too  tight, the fabric stretches and the zipper shows. I don’t mind it that much because it is all in the blue tones, but if I wanted to do a visible zipper I would have (there are actually some great project with exposed zippers)! Grrr!

Nevertheless, I like it despite all of the flaws! It is my first real, big, solo project! I am not only proud that it is kind of wearable, but that I managed to finish it! haha
I will wear it once or twice, but I’ll give it away then because it really is so tight on me. I am sad about that! 😦

I will definitely do more of these dresses! I think they are fun and can be worn at any season and they have this old school vibe which I love! My next one will hopefully be better because I will keep all of the thing I’ve learned in mind! =)

If you have any questions about the process just ask away!

I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas and to hear again soon!

Kisses! X 🙂


3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas! A free dress pattern!

  1. Hi. First congratulations on your dress! I have a question though concerning the sewing machine you mentioned (Pfaff 1080)….i am about to buy the same model and would like to ask if ou can tell me if it is a good machine or not. You can mail me your answer at “backforgood40 @ hotmail” Thanks a lot

    • Hi!
      I tried sending you an e-mail,but it says the address is invalid.
      After the dress I only did smaller projects with cotton and denim, and it worked well. I tried stretch, but I never done that before so I don’t really know what to expect concerning that fabric.
      So far I love my new machine! It has got 80 stitches, screen for the stitches and it automatically sets the right lenght (unfortunately it isn’t lit).
      You have to understand that after Ruža this is a real step up and I am excited about things that even the cheapest machines probably have today.
      I don’t know what to really tell you.
      I am definitely not sorry about spending my money on that machine 🙂
      Ask me if you have concrete questions.

      • Thanks for your fast reply!
        Not sure why my email does not work since i got the information about your reply to the same adress.
        Maybe i wrote it down wrong
        The adress is backforgood40@hotmail.com

        Anyway, my concern is if that machine is able to sew stronger (thiker)
        material without problems? I mostly work i building new furniture and sewing cushins for boats. And often by making decorative stiching i have to sew over double/triple layers of material at once.
        My current machine does not have the strength to move the material and it stays in one place while the needle is torturing the material.
        Then i have to move the material by hand (moving the needle up and down by hand, stop, release the lewer, move the material a little bit, lower the lewer, go up and down with the needle by hand and so on )
        Its not just teribly slow but the stiches are faaaar from straight or the distances the same.

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