Friday Fun (Time fillers)

Finally Friday! =D I don’t think any other profession looks forward to that day like teachers!

Here are a few games that have worked for me really well when I have a few extra minutes.


This is great! My pupils always ask me to play it! 🙂
You need 2 pupils. They face each other and hold their hand at their sides (like guns). You ask them: How do you say ____ (word in your mother tongue)?. They have to translate the word into English while ”shooting their guns” (hands of course ;)). The one who is faster and says the correct word wins. The other pupil who got shot goes back to their seat and someone else comes. You can also have them translate into the mother tongue.



I don’t know what to call it so it is as good of a name as any.
Draw a cloud on the board and have children tell you any letters. Write them into the cloud. Decide on how many letters you will write and don’t forget about vowels. Put them into groups and give them a time limit (2-3 min). They have to find as many words as they can in that time. Make up a pointing system (e.g. 1 point if all of the groups have the word, 2 points if only one group has it). Group with most points win.


There are two groups. Draw 2 stick men on the board (one for each group). A pupil from each team comes to the board. Give them a word to write/spell (however you want to play it). I usually have them both write it and then spell it. If it is correct, they get to erase a part of the body form other team’s stick man (a head, neck, leg, arm…). Winner is the team who erases the whole stick man of the other team… thus the invisible man. They love erasing their opponent’s stick man!
However, this takes a lot of time. If you want to shorten it, draw something else which has a lot less thing to erase.

That’s it for now. There are more, but for some other time (I will probably rewrite this post and just add the games on).
Let me know how it turns out for you or if you have any other games, ideas or adaptations.

Have a lovely weekend everybody! =))

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