Short answers

This is something I’ve been doing lately that has worked from the 1st to the 4th grade. They love it! And it is so simple!

It is good to practice vocabulary and short answers and questions that go with it (e.g. Is it…? Yes, it is. No it isn’t.; Have I got…? No, you haven’t. Yes, you have.)

I stand in front of the class with my FCs and turn them so I can’t see them, but they can. I mix them and they say when to stop. Now the guessing starts. Depending on how many FCs you’ve got, decide how many tries you will have. I usually have 5 tries in which I have to guess what’s on the FC. I ask, they answer as a class and if I don’t guess after all of my tries I call out one pupil to give me the correct answer (insist on full sentences).

1st grade – colours
Teacher: Is it blue?
Class: Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t.

4th grade – Have got
T: Have I got toy soldiers?
C: Yes, you have./ No, you haven’t.

When I do my guessing I hold up my hand above my head and count down the tries I have left. Children will instinctively do the same thing! They love counting down, especially if the teacher is losing. x)

After some time, a pupil comes in front of the class to take the teacher’s place. Everyone wants to come and guess! Even the children who usually try to hide and aren’t the best in English want to play this (at least that’s what happened to me for which I am thankful. Some children have finally woken up).

You can adapt this game to your needs. If you want to practice plural, we, just bring out two pupils and have them ask questions in turns (Have we got..?).

If you want to practice he or she, just tell them they are answering for someone else. Make up a character. They love imagining things.

I usually use this time to check their homework if they had to write something in their notebooks.

Next week I’m practicing physical descriptions, can/can’t and have got/haven’t got with the 4th graders.
I plan on playing Guess who?

First, I’ll have them write names of famous people on pieces of paper (because I have no idea who is famous with them these days except Justin Bieber, One Direction and Big Time Rush. Guess I’m getting old X)).

One Pupil is going to sit in front of the blackboard and I’ll write the name of the famous person above their head and they’ll have to guess who they are by asking questions and the rest will have to give short answers.

Am I tall/short/old/young…? Yes, you are./ No, you’re not.
Can I sing/dance/cook…?ย Yes, you can./ No, you can’t.
Have I got long/short hair…) Yes, you have. No, you haven’t.

If you want to practice questions with he or she, just tell them to guess the person and not to pretend they are the person. Only one student knows who or they can ask you.

And that’s it! Let me know how it turns out for you or if you have any other games you use in your classroom!
Keep calm and teach on! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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