I came across a game called Bang! or Zap it! on the internet.
It sounded fun and a good way to practice reading or spelling so I tried it.

You write a bunch of words you’re learning on pieces of paper and you write Bang! on a few. Children take the cards. If they can read it correctly they can keep it. If not, they put it back in the box. If they take the Bang! card, they have to put all of the cards back in. 

This is my box. I made it out of yoghurt  bucket and with duct tape. Turned up pretty well if I may say so. 🙂



Its advantage is that all of the children have the same chance to win. It’s is not just about who is the best reader because if they pull the Bang! card they are back at square one. So even the children who can’t read well yet have a chance to win.

How did it go?
I tried it in the first grade and they liked it. They wanted to play.
It didn’t work all that well because the classes are too big. 28 children is too much. It’s fine when they are drawing the papers, but they get bored while they wait for their turn. So, in the end it loses its purpose.
I ended up showing all of the cards one by one and they had to repeat the word after me.
It could work if you have two boxes and two groups of 10 or so, but they are too little in the first grade to do it by themselves and they need supervision.

Although it didn’t work for me, I still think it is a good game for smaller classes.

Did you try it? Or something similar? How did it go for you?

P.s. The one game that definitely always works is with the flashcards and fly swatters! 🙂

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