Flascard games

I know I promised to write about flashcard games last Sunday, but last week I’ve been obsessed with looking up new games to do in my class. I’ve tried some of them in the classroom and they turned out pretty well.

So, flashcard. The must have in teaching younger learners (I have 6-10 year olds).



Have a bunch of FCs on the blackboard. You read the FCs and the pupils have to repeat after you. First you read them correctly, then you make a mistake.
Now there are two versions.
Stop game. When you make a mistake, they have to yell ”Stop teacher, stop!”.
Silent game. When you make a mistake, they have to be quiet.
Each time you make a mistake ask them ”What is this?” and they have to answer you in a full sentence ”This is…”
It helps if you stand there in wonder ”Whaaat? This is not a pencil box? Yes, yes it is! No, it isn’t? What is it then?” and it is extra motivating if you play against the class and give them pluses each time they get it right or to yourself if they get it wrong.

Works really well with 1st grader and 2nd graders. It is still ok with 3rd graders.


Put a bunch of FCs on the board, everyone closes their eyes, you remove a FC and ask ”What’s missing?”


Cover your FC with two pieces of paper and show them only a bit of a picture. E.g. if I have a picture of a desk I will show them only the leg of the desk, but a little, tiny bit. If it is too hard for them to guess, show them more of the picture each time. Be careful your papers are not see through.


To revise words, show them FCs but really, really fast and ask ”What’s this?”


After I’ve revised vocabulary with the FC, I usually have the pupils read the WC and then connect them with the right FC.

  • IS IT…?

A good way to revise vocabulary and reinforce ”Is it..?” structure and short answers ”Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.”
Choose a set of FC you wish to revise. Turn them so they can see them, but you can’t. Mix them up. They usually say Stop! when they see the FC they like.
Depending on a number of FCs you have a limited number of questions you can ask. E.g. last week I played with 8-10 FCs and had 5 guesses. I hold my hand up and count down with my fingers the number of tries I have left:
Ask ”Is it a rubber?”. The whole class has to answer with ”Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.”. If I can’t guess in my 5 tries, I lose. Then a pupil has to answer what it is.
Next stage is for them to take your place. Have someone come up and  ask questions instead of you. They love it!

  • SWAT IT!

Buy fly swatters. Really fun and they enjoy doing it.
Have a bunch of FCs or WCs (depending on what your aim is) on the blackboard. Two pupils come to the board with fly swatters. I say a word in mother tongue and they have to find the correct FC/WC, hit it with the fly swatter and say the word in English. Who is the fastest and says the word correctly is the winner, the other pupil goes back to their seat and someone else comes up instead of them.
You can adopt this also with sentences. Have them on the board and say the word they have to find in the sentence.
Really energetic game and they love it!

That would be it for now. These are not new at all, but work great.
If you have any games that work with your class please share! 🙂


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